Mary E. Schulz

Mary E. Schulz Mary E. Schulz

Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Human Resources, from California State University, Long Beach, California, Mary began her career working as a Personnel Clerk for a magazine publishing company.  She was quickly promoted and worked as a Financial Administrator.

Mary then had a number of various occupations while focusing most of her attention on the raising of her two children.  For a few years, she worked for a high school and this is where she realized that high schools need specialized software to develop their awards and graduation programs.  She enlisted the programming skills of her husband Donald, and the product AGP Maker was born.  Donald and Mary then stared the software development company of The Web We Weave, Inc., with Mary handling the business aspects of the company, while Donald handles the technical.

Shortly after starting the company, Mary decided to pursue her MBA (Master of Business Administration) with an emphasis in Small Business/Entrepreneurship at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California, and graduated in 2004.

Currently, Mary enjoys promoting AGP to help other high schools with their graduation season.  For further information on AGP Maker see our Products section.

Mary may be reached by email at

Donald L. Schulz

Donald L. SchulzDonald L. Schulz
Technical Architect

Donald started his technical career in Alberta, Canada and relocated to Southern California in the fall of 1998.
His background includes a string of occupations in many fields including the music industry, accountant for his family-owned car dealerships, and graphics design before getting involved in software development.

Developing software came about almost accidently. While Donald was working as an accountant, he could not find software that would support a change in business functionality or growth. He found some source code that was written in Clipper. After two months of modifying the original code, Donald devleoped a workable system that he continued to evolve and modify over the next serveral years.

Donald felt passionate about programming and decided to earn an Associates Degree as a Micro-Computer Specialist at Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Upon graduation, Donald began his own software development business having clients in the Medical, Legal, Financial, and Energy sectors.

Donald shares his views on various topices in technical articles on his personal public website (blog)

Donald may be reached by email at