AGP Maker

AGP MakerThe Awards and Graduation Program Maker is software specifically designed for the production of High School Awards and Graduation Programs.

AGP uses one database and allows up to 3 users to work simultaneously. There is no need for endless proofreading for typographical errors. High School secretaries can import students' names directly from the school district, edit the names once (if necessary), type the award names once, and with a few clicks of the mouse, they have enough to construct both the Awards and Graduation Program. AGP will even print the awards certificates!

AGP greatly reduces the number of mistakes that would otherwise happen because the students' names are kept in one place, as well as, the names of the Awards and Presenters. If a misspelling is found, one correction will affect all the places that the name (Student, Award, or Presenter) appears. Thus AGP helps insure that the Awards and Graduation Program is professional and error-free.

With all the features you'd expect and more, AGP has been enhanced, tested and helping schools with their program creation since 1999. Designed by a former High School Activities Secretary, the program can even alternate between male and female students while keeping their names as close as possible to alphabetical order for a dramatic and spectacular graduation ceremony.

AGP is amazing simple to use. However, it comes with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, instruction manual that can be followed by anyone with a minimal amount of computer skills.

AGP makes the Graduation season a breeze.

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Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Time Tracker is an internal record-keeping application that we use to track our time, billing, and mileage for our custom software and consulting services.

This data is then used to create invoices and detailed accounts of how the time was used.

This is a web-based interface with a SQL database backend, which we can access from almost anywhere in the world.

Donald has written an article on the importance of time tracking and the importance of having a solid time tracking plan in any company. Donald’s article can be found on his personal web site Donald on Software

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